• sadness in heart

    lost my friend

    Now it´s one week ago since I lost my friend! Since I lost my soulmate! And while I´m sitting here trying to bear down my pain many people say:” You have to move on.…

    13. December 2015
  • Fashion Blog Ruhrsytle
    Blog Fashion


      Today I will tell you one of my little secrets… There´s one matter, that´s not mine but for a fashion blogger it´s very important. It´s about making pictures and good pose. What´s a…

    22. November 2015
  • vintage kleider
    Blog Fashion

    Vintage Look

    Sun is shining, the colours of fall are amazing and I love to enjoy it all. But no that´s not possible at the moment caus I´m lying in bed with an amygdalitis. On my…

    2. November 2015
  • bananenbrot
    Blog Vegetarian

    Bread with Bananas and almonds

    Hello friends…today I´d like to show you a very tasty vegan recipe. It´s perfect for the cold and rainy days… sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, reading a book and eating some kickshaws. One…

    15. October 2015
  • hess nature outift
    Blog Fashion

    turtleneck pullover

    Isn´t it great? The Fashion Brands were creative again and have scrolled in old magazines to bring the turtleneck back to the stores. Joking apart! I´m very happy about it but for me the…

    6. October 2015
  • Latzhose ist Trend
    Blog Fashion

    overall outfit

    By now we know overalls are back! First nobodey liked them, now everybody have one and now everybody love them. Overalls are just comfortable but also good to combine in many versions. Glamorous, casual…

    21. September 2015
  • grüne mode
    Blog Fashion

    green Look

    I excuse oneself for writing nothing for a long time. The last weeks it was very hard for me to push my melancholy mood aside. I was very involved in the work with refugees…

    15. September 2015
  • cowgirl

    Future and Plans

    We´re always busy by making plans… We set oneself tragets and if we achieve it, we set another. Our future is projected and cram-full of wishes, options and conceivabilities about things which we want…

    30. August 2015
  • Fair Fashion Blogger

    country way to greece

    In a few minutes we will start a lttle adventure tour! We will drive to greece, with three children and three dogs to see the father and the brothers of my man. I´m a…

    21. July 2015
  • Boho Look
    Blog Fashion

    where humans are humans

    I’m not allowed to say what I think! I’m not allowed to say what I feel! I’m not allowed to do what I can do, and if I do it nonetheless, they pillory me!…

    5. July 2015